Counsyl Complete: Access

We strive to make screening accessible for more patients who can benefit.

We are committed to making genetic screening accessible for your patients

  • Broad insurance coverage
  • Personalized cost estimates
  • Financial support
  • No-charge testing for those who qualify
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • A cash option at a reasonable price

Industry leading insurance coverage

With vast in-network coverage, financial assistance, and other payment options, we help you to broaden access for patients who can benefit from screening.



After you order the test, here's how it works for your patient.

We send a personalized estimate
We will send your patient an email or text with payment options within two business days of receiving the order.

Your patient reviews payment options
This estimate explains payment options including how to request financial assistance.

Let us take it from there
Counsyl will work directly with your patient’s insurance carrier to make the process seamless and hassle-free.


View our most commonly asked questions for billing, cost and insurance coverage.

Education >

We make it easy to inform and educate your patients.

  • Library of online patient education videos

  • In-office patient education materials

  • Patient identification tools and documentation

Access >

We strive to make screening accessible for more patients.

  • Broad in-network insurance coverage
  • Personalized cost estimates and financial help
  • Electronic ordering tools (EMR and provider portal)

Results >

We automate the management of results and follow up with patients.

  • Automated email and text notifications

  • Online results management and patient tracking

  • Clear reports with the ability to merge partners for Counsyl Foresight

Counseling >

Our board-certified genetic counselors are available on-demand for all Counsyl patients to ensure results are understood.

  • On-demand or scheduled counseling for all result types
  • Detailed counseling report uploaded to provider portal
  • Provider access to genetic counselors

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