Our Laboratory

At the forefront of genetic screening technology

Counsyl is leading the way in genetic screening. We are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results to every patient. Every time.


A passion for precision

As one of the pioneers in clinical next generation sequencing (NGS) and one of largest sequencing facilities in the world, Counsyl’s CLIA laboratory has tested close to a million samples. With a relentless dedication to quality and passion for providing the best care to our patients, we have developed a new paradigm of precision manufacturing at scale.

Analytical Validity

Our technology

Counsyl has applied expertise in assay chemistry, software engineering, and automation to improve quality of all aspects of laboratory testing, from accessioning and reagent manufacturing to result reporting. Because manual processes are the most common cause of laboratory error, we have eliminated almost all manual sample transfers and manual transcription. In order to ensure the highest quality results, the raw data for all reportable results are reviewed by licensed personnel.

Peer-reviewed validation

Counsyl’s sequencing tests are designed to the highest quality standards. Our validation studies have demonstrated the Foresight Carrier Screen and Reliant Cancer Screen both have greater than 99.99% analytical sensitivity and specificity.

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Our Team

Meet our Laboratory Directors

Counsyl’s laboratory directors oversee all aspects of testing, from development and validation to sample processing and result reporting.

Peter Kang,
Executive Medical Director
Rebecca Mar-Heyming,
Clinical Molecular Geneticist
Saurav Guha,
Clinical Molecular Geneticist
Bethany Buckley,
Clinical Molecular Geneticist

A Day in the Life

Take a behind-the-scenes look into our one-of-a-kind lab.

In the laboratory

All of Counsyl’s clinical laboratory scientists who work directly with patient samples or review results are licensed by the California Department of Public Health. Their training, dedication, and attention to detail ensure the smooth operation of our clinical genome factory. They also play an active role in partnering with R&D in the development of new test methods and perform validations.

Genetics experts

Our board-certified laboratory support genetic counselors play a key role in assisting healthcare providers with clinical inquiries regarding Counsyl’s genetic testing services. They also review test reports to help ensure clinical accuracy and serve as liaisons to assist with laboratory-related requests.

CGMBS Training Program

Committed to excellence

The mission of our Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist (CGMBS) program is to prepare qualified individuals for licensure as Clinical Laboratory Scientists specializing in Genetics and Molecular Biology. The year-long curriculum includes didactic-based learning and extensive laboratory experience. Graduates of the program are well prepared to successfully pass their certification exam(s) and perform as well-rounded CLS Specialists.

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Certifications & Licenses

CLIA Lab Certifications

CLIA CAP California New York Florida Pennsylvania Rhode Island Maryland
Executive Medical Director:
Peter Kang, MD, MS, FCAP