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Counsyl is dedicated to advancing the science of genetic screening and sharing insights with others who can benefit from our work.


Our scientific contributions

In addition to providing the highest-quality testing to patients, Counsyl is committed to sharing our discoveries with the scientific community. We publish our clinical and technical advances in peer-reviewed journals, present data at prominent conferences, and contribute curation information to public databases. Through these research endeavors, Counsyl has established itself as a trusted thought leader in clinical genomics. Explore the entire archive of our scientific contributions, with highlights of our most recent work.

Our Scientists

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Trained at the world’s top universities and institutes, scientists and engineers come to Counsyl to improve people’s lives using cutting-edge genomics tools. The R&D lab has a diverse talent base, including chemical engineers, theoretical mathematicians, molecular biologists, software developers, robotics experts, and bioinformaticians.

We combine our skill sets on team-based projects to create superior clinical DNA testing technology.

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We’re proud to present and exhibit at clinical and scientific conferences throughout the year.


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Partnerships & Collaborations

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Advances in science and medicine are rarely made alone. We frequently collaborate on cooperative research with both academic labs and clinical practitioners, with partners ranging from small groups to large consortia. Have a project that increases the scientific knowledge, clinical awareness, and patient access of genomic testing?

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