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Customer Success Manager

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Position description

As Manager of Customer Success, you will report to VP Commercial Operations/Director Customer Success and lead a team of three Sales Support Associates who are cross trained to handle all of Counsyl’s inbound support, inbound billing and outbound support cases for one of our three main customer groups: Field Sales. Your team will be the main point of contact for all service and support questions from VP of Sales, Regional Sales Directors, National Strategic Sales Director, Strategic Account Executives, Clinical Account Executives, and Medical Science Liaisons.  You will be the head of the group, ensuring that all SSAs are appropriately trained, staffed and performing to the highest standards.  

In addition to managing individual contributors on this team, you will be the product and implementation specialist for a variety of Counsyl offerings including, but not limited to:
Pilot Implementation
Phlebotomy Access, Database & Mapping tools  

This role requires a leader who is extremely versatile and passionate about driving a positive employee and customer experience. The Customer Success Manager must be comfortable guiding their team towards being available, providing first contact resolution, ensuring that follow up is completed in a timely fashion, and messaging out improvements or changes that can help the field team in a positive way.  

You will be a key liaison between the field team and HQ based teams who support our customers: translating field needs into actionable improvements via system enhancements, changes to SOPs or through enhancements to training (both training for the field and HQ teams).

This person must have an in-depth understanding of the systems their team uses as well as the operations of Counsyl to provide thoughtful solutions to issues and input on potential opportunities that present themselves to Counsyl and require support.

This leader must utilize data to appropriately allocate their resources, drive operating efficiency, report to upper management and continuously improve the experience for our customers. This leader will aid in monitoring our field team health metrics and determine new ways to track and measure sales satisfaction.

This leader must support their team in finding solutions to concerns raised on behalf of providers and patients. This leader must be adept at de-escalating issues and reinforcing a positive experience for all Counsyl customers.

What you'll do:

  • Develop personal relationships with various Field Team leaders including Regional Sales Directors, VP of Sales, etc., to ensure that business needs are being met
  • Liaise between internal and external partners to ensure that the Field Team has access and knowledge of how to utilize field resources: ie Phlebotomy Services, pilot programs, etc
  • Create the foundation of our Implementation process for pilot programs to help us transition from pilot to general availability if/when the time comes.
  • Partner with key stakeholders related to the product to obtain needed information and supply insights related to effectively onboarding and supporting accounts using the product.
  • Communicate opportunities for business process improvement and product enhancements that will support a simpler customer experience, improved operating efficiency.
  • Monitor daily activities of your team to ensure that workload is balanced and effectively managed
  • Focus on reducing inbound inquiries and repeat inquiries related to the same test/order.
  • Maximize our systems and tools to make the agent experience as seamless and quick as possible and strive for the ideal balance between self-service and agent assisted support for our patients, providers and field sales reps.
  • Personally engage customers as needed, to resolve issues and devise, advocate and implement changes that will prevent similar issues from happening in the future
  • Develop personal and professional skills of all direct reports in support of effectively driving proactive and reactive customer support
  • Balance the needs of the field sales team and the customer when effecting change to the Salesforce tool and associated standard operating procedures

About you:

  • Data Driven Decision-making. You use data to drive improvements and motivate your team. You understand the sales process, customer behaviors and service expectations and can generate a strategy for addressing customer needs through self-help options and through support agents.
  • Strong Communicator. Ability to deliver clear direction and create a path forward for a diverse team. Clearly articulate the needs of the customer with internal partners and determine the best possible course of action that supports Counsyl and customer success.  
  • Can Do Attitude and Focus on Getting Stuff Done. Set achievable stretch milestones for yourself and teams and then deliver on them. Continuously evolve what success looks like for this team at a macro and micro level. Enable Counsyl’s ability to fuel future growth.
  • Builder with Beginner’s Mind. Collaborate with the team to generate a compelling, scalable vision for First Care Implementation and Sales Support at Counsyl. Combine institutional knowledge within the team with creativity and data to continuously improve Counsyl’s ability to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Track and Measure for Continuous Improvement. Ability to dig into Counsyl’s customer service applications, such as Service Cloud or other CRM software, telephony systems and homegrown applications to continue to drive improvements.
  • Self-Starter and Experienced Coach. Proven track record of taking ideas and running with them and a willingness to drive projects to completion through individual effort and collaboration with broader teams. Excellent coach and mentor who takes pride in successfully developing and retaining team members in the Commercial organization.
  • Strategic Thinking. Actively participate in the generation of the strategic vision for your team to help maximize our efforts, return and team engagement.
  • A Bachelor's degree. Master’s degree or equivalent experience a plus.
  • Experience with Salesforce and Service Cloud

About Counsyl

Counsyl is a health technology company that offers DNA screening for diseases that can impact men, women and their children. The Counsyl philosophy is simple: screen for diseases where advanced knowledge makes a difference in health outcomes, whether it’s changing a behavior, pursuing preventative measures, or simply preparing for what lies ahead.

The Counsyl team includes an accomplished group of problem-solvers — top engineers, scientists, and designers — who are taking the lead on building the modern clinical laboratory. Scientific rigor, custom robotics, and software are at the heart of every Counsyl product, resulting in better, faster and more affordable screens that are broadly accessible. Beyond the laboratory, Counsyl offers doctors and patients a technology platform for results delivery in real time, with on-demand access to board-certified genetic counselors.

Counsyl has screened more than 600,000 patients and served more than 6,000 health care professionals in its CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited and NYS CLEP-permitted clinical laboratory. The company has raised a total of $102 million and is privately backed by Pilot Growth Equity, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Founders Fund, Felicis Ventures, David Drummond, and other high profile investors.

Interview process

Counsyl is driven by some of the brightest people in the industry. Our interview process is geared to ensure that we continue to hire the very best.

Our interview process is composed of practical and situational interviews in a series of settings spanning Skype, practical exams, and in-person meetings. Our goal is to gauge both your ability to succeed in the first 90 days as well as your capacity to scale with us as we grow.

Why Counsyl?

Throughout it all, we are looking to understand why you are driven to be a part of our company. Specifically, we want to know how you identify with our mission and will contribute to our team.

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