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Senior UX Designer

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Position description

It’s an exciting time to join Counsyl’s User Experience Design team.  This is a great opportunity to work with an excellent product development team, coach others about design thinking, and have your designs used daily by patients and healthcare providers.

As a Senior UX Designer, you’ll dive deep, using qualitative and quantitative data to discover new opportunities to simplify and drive solutions.  You’ll be a vital participant in the project process, uncovering key goals and themes, gathering insights, and helping to solve multi-faceted problems.

Empathy is central to providing Counsyl’s patients and providers with an experience that is unique within the medical industry, allowing us to reimagine and redefine how healthcare is delivered.  As a Senior UX Designer with Counsyl, your main goal is to create amazing products and services with this empathetic approach in mind. If making a positive impact on healthcare is important to you, and you identify with the qualities we’ve described, we’d love to speak with you.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of experience as a user experience (UX) designer, interaction designer, or similar role
  • 4+ years of user research experience
  • 3+ years experience as a lead designer for a project(s)


  • Strong UX design experience
  • The ability to solve complex UX problems and are excited about the challenge. Quickly and thoroughly create process flows, wireframes, or design mockups to effectively conceptualize and communicate concepts. Vital part of every stage of the design lifecycle from concept to delivery.
  • Think about flows and a narrative arc, not just individual screens.
  • Present and defend your concepts with concrete tactical rationale Strong sense of user empathy: user centered. Demonstrate product vision for your feature area(s).
  • User research, data, and insight experience
  • Have a strong working knowledge of research methods and how they are applied in a fast-moving organization. Do user research, interviews, surveys, panel discussions, feedback sessions, and field travel to uncover deeper user needs.  Know how to use data and experimentation to back up your designs.
  • Think strategically about how to validate your assumptions. Use data analytics to gain knowledge about user needs and behavior. Translate insight into action, helping teams understand customer needs, attitudes, and behaviors through thoughtful and actionable research.
  • Collaborative
  • Use your knowledge of the UX process in collaboration with team members to help transform complex problems into easy-to-use products and services.
  • Share your work frequently with your feature teams, product groups and across the company. Know how to productively work with all teams to create solid solutions. Partner closely with product managers to make sure solutions meet business objectives and solve the right problems.
  • Partner closely with the engineering team to work through technical feasibility and ensure design details don’t get lost.
  • When presented with a design or business problem, you think of multiple approaches to figure out how to make the experience simpler and more delightful for your user – and you’re excited to discuss those ideas with your team.
  • Work style
  • User-centered: You have an insatiable appetite for understanding your users and are relentless in finding solutions that meet their needs, sweating the details and tying them back to the big picture. You have a knack for creating intuitive, scalable, and functional design solutions. You represent the users in every step of the way, keeping them at the heart of what you're building.
  • Self-motivated: You work without close supervision but you seek out and welcome feedback.  You’re an autonomous self-starter. You take full ownership of your work and are responsible for it.
  • Problem solver: You are humble, driven, and motivated to find the right problems to solve and the best solutions.
  • Adaptive: You can evaluate business priorities and adjust your work accordingly.  You can balance the design needs of a large number of concurrent projects and work effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • User experience evangelist: You will help to make the company a more awesome place to work by spreading design thinking and enthusiasm across the organization, sharing the importance of user experience and design thinking, and driving change through user insight.
  • Learner:  You are constantly looking for ways to hone your design skills and knowledge. You have the ability to give and take constructive feedback.

Interview process

Counsyl is driven by some of the brightest people in the industry. Our interview process is geared to ensure that we continue to hire the very best.

Our interview process is composed of practical and situational interviews in a series of settings spanning Skype, practical exams, and in-person meetings. Our goal is to gauge both your ability to succeed in the first 90 days as well as your capacity to scale with us as we grow.

Why Counsyl?

Throughout it all, we are looking to understand why you are driven to be a part of our company. Specifically, we want to know how you identify with our mission and will contribute to our team.

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