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Counsyl Complete

Your partner in patient care

Counsyl has built a platform for timely results delivery and counseling that allows you to focus on patient care.

We built an in-house CLIA-certified lab

Counsyl integrates sophisticated technology with custom automation in its CLIA-approved, CAP-accredited and NYS CLEP-certified medical laboratory.

Chuba Oyolu, PhD, Principal Scientist

We provide patients with clear results

Our results are online, easy to understand and include video explanations. We focus on making it clear what the results mean and what next steps to take. We make sure patients view their online results, understand the critical information and schedule counseling as appropriate.

Results available online

Complimentary counseling is included for all patients

Counseling is provided over the phone and gives patients direct access to experts who can interpret their report. Our clinical team members are all certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. If a patient is unable to keep a counseling appointment, the Counsyl team can make up to 6 documented attempts to reschedule. This service ensures that we communicate vital results in real-time.

Krista Moyer, MS, CGC Clinical Expert

Online services and a copy of all patient documents

Physicians who offer Counsyl have access to a complete set of online services that allow them to track, monitor and follow up with their patients. Providers can release Counsyl results to a patient with the click of a button. For the Family Prep Screen, doctors can link male and female results to combine a couple‚Äôs findings in a single report. We will also keep you in-the-loop by sending you a copy of patient results and their consultation report.

Clinical results

Offer Counsyl at your clinic

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