Why trust Counsyl with your personal health information?


We will never sell your data, period. We only use your data to provide the screening and services that you authorize.

Highly regulated

We adhere to the same privacy and security laws and regulations that govern hospitals and doctors.


We are researchers and clinicians who are passionate about providing information to people for improving their health. We use and share de-identified health data only to support this goal.


We work hard to provide patients with valuable information they can use to make informed choices about their own health. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in providing these services and have developed a compliance program to achieve these goals. Our compliance program helps ensure our team understands and complies with applicable laws and operates in alignment with our mission. Take a look at our Code of Conduct and Ethics to learn more about our shared principles and values.

We believe ethical conduct and compliance is our shared responsibility and that open, honest communication with our employees, patients and partners is key to creating a culture of integrity. We are committed to identifying, investigating and resolving potential compliance issues. Employees, patients or partners who want to report compliance or ethics concerns can connect with our independently operated Compliance Hotline either online or by calling 844-258-2210. Compliance Hotline users can choose to remain anonymous, and regardless of how a report is submitted, we stand ready to listen and take action.