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20 Entrepreneurs on the Lessons Their Mothers Taught Them


Srinivasan’s mother instructed him to pick out his clothes for the next day each night before he went to bed. He’s translated this simple ritual to his career by spending time every evening writing out his priorities for the following day. This makes it easier for him to get started on his work in the morning, minimizes wasted time and keeps him organized.

Behind the API - Counsyl

Eligible API Blog

In this interview, we talk with Dave Peticolas, Principal Engineer for Counsyl. He gives us the inside story about how the company came to be, the challenges that they faced and what plans they have for the future.

When It Comes to Genetic Testing, Patients and Providers Need to Meet in the Middle

Huffington Post

Counsyl's Kaylene Ready discusses genetic testing and the importance of patients and providers communicating. "If you intend to learn something about your health and share the results with your provider, you should involve your provider before a test is ordered."

Genetic Resilience

The Scientist

Counsyl co-founder Eric Evans featured in article about the Resilience Project. An analysis of the genomes of nearly 600,000 healthy individuals reveals a handful of people who appear resistant to certain genetic disorders.

Lynch Syndrome and Colon Cancer: Why Awareness Is Key

Huffington Post

Counsyl's Kaylene Ready writing for Huffington Post discussing Lynch syndrome. While a diagnosis of Lynch syndrome might feel intimidating or downright scary, learning about your risk and taking steps to manage that risk has major advantages.

Counsyl Finds Many Women Who Meet Cancer Screening Guidelines Not Getting Tested


Following a three-month program where Counsyl offered free inherited cancer screening to women in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm found that a surprisingly large number of women who met traditional guidelines for testing based on family history had not previously been tested.

ACMG 2016 Round-Up

All the Coolest Genomics

Counsyl’s approach has been to try an online platform, with most negative results being released online with accompanying videos, and remaining results (all positives and some negatives) results being released over the phone. Genetic counselors are available via a chat feature, with average wait time less than two hours. They see a future where positive results could also be released in this fashion, the comment “Patients often aren’t as fragile as we think they are” drew applause.

Debunking the myths of prenatal testing

What She Said Radio

The Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen test, now available at LifeLabs, can detect if a person carries a genetic health condition that can be passed unknowingly from parent to child.

How an Entrepreneur Tackled a Rare Disease: A Conversation with Matt Wilsey


It’s next-generation sequencing. Companies like... Counsyl [are] a great start because we’re consumerizing it, democratizing access which is critical because at the end of the day the customer always wins.

Is Cancer Genetic Testing Necessary? 7 Things You Should Know About Getting A Screening


Kaylene Ready, a genetic specialist and the director of Inherited Cancer at the DNA testing and services company Counsyl, spoke with Bustle about the specifics of genetic screenings, and just how useful they can be.

How DIY medical testing could save your life


Couples planning to have children could send their saliva to companies like... Counsyl to learn if they are carriers for rare inherited diseases such as Tay-Sachs, cystic fibrosis, sickle-cell or Bloom syndrome.

Counsyl Appoints John Tan as SVP of Operations


Counsyl's new SVP, John Tan, featured in GenomeWeb's "People in the News"

Rare Diseases Are More Common Than You Think

Huffington Post

Although these conditions seem few and far between, they’re quite common when you step back and observe them as a whole. In the United States alone, 30 million people are living with a rare disease (“rare” defined as affecting 200,000 Americans or fewer at any given time). That’s one in 10 Americans.

Vijay Pande: The best healthtech has a software center

Vator News

Vijay Pande cited Counsyl, a DNA screening provider for expecting parents and individuals with history of cancer in their family, as an example of a new biology company leveraging advanced hardware and software to upgrade traditional biology.

Career Center highlights genetic counseling jobs

Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

Jamie Kostialik, certified genetic counselor for Counsyl, a health technology company, spoke to students about what a genetic counselor specifically entails.

Cautious Evolution Underway in DTC Genetic Testing

Oncology Live

“When a test does come back positive for a mutation that increases cancer risk, it’s never just a scary piece of information that the patient can’t do anything about.” said Kaylene Ready, MS, CGC, director of Inherited Cancer Counseling at Counsyl.

Curing Cancer Is A Worthy Moonshot, But The Science To Fight It Is Already Here

FastCo Exist

My life’s work is focused on the precious time before a patient is diagnosed, before cancerous cells begin to divide, amass, and spread, threatening a person’s life. It is in this critical moment that I believe we can make the most significant, near-term impact on patient health.

What's the deal with genetic testing?

Community Health Magazine

DNA testing allows people who learn of potential health challenges to decide what to do about them, says Shivani Nazareth, director of women’s health for South San Francisco-based Counsyl, a genetic testing company.

Ted Snelgrove Chief Business Officer at Counsyl

San Francisco Business Times

Counsyl's new CBO is featured on the "People on the Move Column"

JP Morgan Healthcare Day Two: Thermo Fisher; Qiagen; Danaher; Counsyl; Human Longevity; Adaptive Bio


The 34th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference entered its second day with several life science research tools and diagnostic firms making presentations to investors and other attendees

Most Innovative Start-Ups: Counsyl


This genetic-testing startup has made headlines for its fetal carrier testing. This year, it ran a pilot program offering free breast-cancer-gene screening to women in San Francisco. And it's developing a new non-invasive prenatal screening for chromosome conditions.

Genetic Testing Wins Future Health Happiness: Counsyl's Shivani Nazareth Speaks


By providing DNA screening for men, women and their children Counsyl is able to aid with screening in preparing for a family as well as arming people with knowledge about possible inherited cancers.

Bay Area Women Get Free Genetic Cancer Screenings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a new partnership between Counsyl and UCSF aims to give free genetic cancer screenings to every San Francisco Bay Area woman who wants one.

Most People Don't Think DNA Screening Is a Must Before Starting a Family

Parents Magazine

Pursuing genetic screening before getting pregnant gives couples important knowledge that can make a difference for a family's well being.

Precision Medicine Hits Reproductive Health


Precision medicine is still finding its footing, caught between the excitement around its promise and the challenges of its realization, as Stat reporter Sharon Begley has just chronicled in the Boston Globe, in the context of oncology.

Planning to get pregnant? Counsyl bringing carrier screening to the mainstream

MedCity News

"When a couple finds out they’re at risk of having a child with a serious, debilitating genetic disease, it’s usually when a woman is already several months pregnant. "It’s a difficult position for a woman to be in," said Shivani Nazareth, a genetic counselor and director of women’s health at Bay Area startup Counsyl. "They should be planning baby showers at that point in their pregnancy."

Which Company Will Change the Future of Healthcare? Here are 10 Contenders

Huffington Post

I have yet to hear of an industry that hasn't been massively disrupted by technology. Healthcare is no stranger to this disruption. The question is which companies will actually break through the barrier and solve some of the major issues healthcare faces today?

Counsyl Developing Own NIPT Test; Converting Carrier Screening Test to NGS


Counsyl is developing a noninvasive prenatal test using technology the firm licensed from Illumina and Sequenom's joint patent pool, company officials told GenomeWeb this week.

How Peter Thiel Is Trying to Save the World

Inc. Magazine

These startups are trying to beat Alzheimer's, cure viral diseases, and kill tumors with gold. One common thread: funding from Peter Thiel.

MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies 2015, from Tesla to Uber

MIT Technology Review

Massive solar panel factories. Fertility treatments. Friendly robots. Meet the companies reshaping the technology business.

Counsyl Automates Genetic Testing To Give Potential Parents Peace Of Mind


It wasn’t long ago that most people’s understanding of genetic testing came from dystopian fiction, not real work happening in labs and clinics.

The future of preventive care: How 7 startups are making an impact


From early diagnosis to genetic testing to posture correction, a range of solutions is being pursued by these companies.

The Future of "Killer" Robots: Helping People

Fast Company

Bay Area startup Counsyl has delegated the tedious lab work of DNA-testing blood and saliva samples to custom-built robots, cutting the cost of genetic early-warning screenings in half.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Robotics

Fast Company

For automating lifesaving diagnostics. Despite its high-tech trappings, genetic sequencing is typified by…

Facebook investor Peter Thiel backs Counsyl

MIT Technology Review

Silicon Valley's "Unicorns"…

Counsyl Welcomes Dr. James Goldberg as Chief Medical Officer

Business Wire

Counsyl, a health technology company that offers DNA screening for diseases that…

Be inspired by the 75 new members of Fast Company's most creative people…

Fast Company

Whether they're rejuvenating neighborhoods or sequencing the human genome…

SPOTLIGHT ON COUNSYL: Bringing Genetic Disorder Testing to the Masses

HP Matter

In a hum-drum office park just outside San Francisco, Counsyl—a startup focused on…

New Genetic Tests for Women Who Are Expecting

Wall Street Journal

Women expecting a baby or planning a pregnancy are being pitched a fast-growing array of tests…

There's a Test for That


Carrier screening of prospective parents is becoming more widespread…

How “Previvors” Are Battling Breast Cancer Before They Even Get It


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, yes, it's something that most of us…

Assess Your Risk at Home

Good Housekeeping

Concerned about your inherited risk of breast cancer? Now you don't have to spend thousands…

Now Everyone Can Know What’s In Their DNA

Fast Company

The revolutionary lab counsyl is making genetic testing affordable, fast, and friendly.

Counsyl gets funding for new genetic tests

San Francisco Chronicle

No genetic test is needed to predict a bright future for Counsyl.

Counsyl launches an inherited cancer screening test and a medical record platform

The Next Web

Counsyl, a startup that's reinventing the modern clinical lab through robotics and custom…

BRCA Testing Growing; Market Increases Seen With New Players, Intended Populations

Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies

The 2013 revelation of Angelia Jolie’s BRCA status and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling invalidating…

Genetics startup Counsyl raises $28 mln from Goldman Sachs, RSTP


A Silicon Valley startup that screens parents-to-be for rare genetic diseases has raised $28 million…

Firm brings gene tests to masses

New York Times

A Silicon Valley start-up is making the bold claim that it can help eradicate that disease…

Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies

G2 Intelligence

Inside the Diagnostics Industry: BRCA Testing Growing; Market Increases Seen With New Players, Intended …

Counsyl is pioneering a new bioinformatics wave


In a non-descript lab is a company that may be paving the way for…

WSJ Innovation Award winner in medicine

Wall Street Journal

A three-year-old Silicon Valley start-up, Counsyl Inc., won the Bronze Innovation Award…

New genetic test helps parents have healthy babies

ABC World News

Ally Zwahlen and her husband Steve are eager to start a family. They are both…