Counsyl Complete™

We make genetic screening simple for your patients.
And your practice.

Counsyl Complete™ streamlines the process, so you can seamlessly integrate Counsyl screening into your practice.


Your practice is our purpose

Counsyl Complete is a proprietary suite of solutions, each designed to seamlessly integrate into clinic workflows and patients’ lives.

We support healthcare providers and their patients throughout the genetic screening process, with pre-test education, billing support, clear results reporting, and on-demand genetic counseling. These supporting services simplify the integration of Counsyl’s genetic screens into routine clinical care and helps patients better understand and benefit from their test results.


Your patient’s journey from start to finish

Education >

We make it easy to inform and educate your patients.

  • Library of online patient education videos

  • In-office patient education materials

  • Patient identification tools and documentation

Access >

We strive to make screening accessible for more patients.

  • Broad in-network status with health plans
  • Personalized cost estimates and financial help
  • Electronic ordering tools (EMR and provider portal)

Results >

We automate the management of results and follow up with patients.

  • Automated email and text notifications

  • Online results management and patient tracking

  • Clear reports with the ability to merge partners for Counsyl Foresight

Counseling >

Our board-certified genetic counselors are available on-demand for all Counsyl patients to ensure results are understood.

  • On-demand or scheduled counseling for all result types
  • Detailed counseling report uploaded to provider portal
  • Provider access to genetic counselors

Provider Story

Peace of Mind, with Counsyl

“Counsyl is very transparent with costs, and patients really appreciate that. I did not go to medical school to talk about bills. I just want to take care of their health.”

Abby Eblen, MD, Fertility and IVF Specialist at Nashville Fertility Center and member of Counsyl’s speakers bureau, shares how she helps her patients find answers and navigate the genetic screening process with the help of Counsyl Complete. Read her blog post to learn more.

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