Vital information

Our scientific team continually reviews the Family Prep Screen to include DNA mutations that are clinically useful and can be reported with > 99.9% accuracy. Our couples reporting feature allows you to screen both members of a couple at the same time and receive one combined report.

Disease categories

Many of the diseases included in our screen are vital to know about. The categories below provide an overview of the types of conditions included in the Family Prep Screen.

Early intervention

Some of the conditions on the Family Prep Screen can be treated early in life, like Wilson disease and PKU.

Intellectual disability

Some result in intellectual disabilities, as with fragile X syndrome and Niemann-Pick disease.

Shortened life expectancy

Others are chronic and require lifelong management, like cystic fibrosis and Bloom syndrome.

Limited or no treatment

Finally, some of the conditions have no treatments available, like spinal muscular atrophy and Canavan disease.

Disease List

* Must be specifically requested to be included on your panel.

How it works


Get started online and we will contact your physician to obtain medical approval.


Receive a Counsyl kit in the mail, along with instructions for registering online.


Use the kit to send a saliva specimen back to Counsyl in a prepaid envelope.


In roughly two weeks, view your results online and speak with our clinical team.

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