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A simple way to learn your risk for certain types of cancer

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If you have a personal or family history of cancer, find out your chances of developing breast, ovarian, colon, and other cancers.

Victoria R., pictured with her grandmotherCounsyl Reliant Cancer Screen patient

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CounsylCounsyl Reliant™ Cancer Screen

  • DNA

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    The Reliant Cancer Screen uses a small sample of saliva or blood to look at up to 36 different genes associated with an increased risk of certain cancers.

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    Counsyl has partnered with thousands of healthcare providers to enable broader access to genetic screening.

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Cancer is more common in some families

Some of the genes we inherit from our parents are meant to protect us from certain cancers. Occasionally, we’ll inherit an irregular version of one of these genes, called a mutation. The Reliant Cancer Screen can look for irregularities in up to 36 genes that could mean you’re more susceptible to developing one of these cancers at some point in your life.

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A saliva collection tube, held by our Counsyl hand model, Karen T.


We can look for a variety of conditions

The Reliant Cancer Screen can look at up to 36 specific genes associated with a risk for many different kinds of cancer ― breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, prostate, thyroid, and others. Your doctor can help determine if your screen should look at all 36 genes or a specific set of genes based on your personal and family history.

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Why get tested?

You can work with your doctor to lower your risk

If you find out you have an irregularity in your cancer fighting genes, you can work with your doctor to develop a prevention or treatment program that includes things like:

  • Getting checked earlier

    Your doctor may recommend additional screens. For example, if your breast cancer risk is elevated, you may start mammograms early and have breast MRIs, too. Or if your colon cancer risk is elevated, you could begin colonoscopies early and have them more often.

  • Preventative surgery

    Some people have surgery to reduce their risk. For women with BRCA mutations, mastectomies have been shown to reduce breast cancer risk by over 90%. And some people with a RET mutation have their thyroids removed to reduce the risk of thyroid cancer.

  • Preventative medication

    Some common medications have been shown to reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. For example, women who use birth control pills can cut their risk of ovarian cancer in half, and aspirin may lower the risk of hereditary colon cancer.


Victoria's story

Victoria, a Counsyl Reliant Cancer Screen patient
I knew I wanted to find out whether I’d inherited the genetic mutation so I could do what I could to combat it.Victoria R.Counsyl Reliant Cancer Screen patient, negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2
Victoria with her grandmother
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Our process

How to get screened

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    We’ll send you a kit. Use it to send a saliva sample back to us in a prepaid envelope.

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    Get your results in ~2 weeks

    As soon as your results are available, you can access them securely online whenever you’re ready.

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    Talk with an expert

    Our genetic counselors take time to answer questions and point you toward additional resources.


We have you covered

From insurance coverage to financial assistance, we work hard to make testing accessible.

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Board certified genetic counselors are available to answer your questions before and after testing.

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